Seamaty SG1Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer

A handheld blood gas & electrolyte analyzer that delivers lab-quality, diagnostic results in minutes.

The Seamaty SG1 is an easy-to-use handheld blood analyzer that providing accurate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results in just a few minutes, and allowing you to do the diagnosis anywhere and anytime.

Simple 3-step operation

Step 1

Add sample

Step 2

Insert cartridge

Step 3

Read result

See how it works

Watch a short video demonstration of the Seamaty SG1 blood gas & electrolyte analyzer in action.

Technical Specifications

Sample Arterial or venous whole blood
Sample volume 100 μL
Bar code QR code
QC & calibrate Real time QC
Display 4.3 IPS touch screen
Connectors Type-c
Power 5V 2A
Battery 3.7V, 5000mAh
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Weight 600g
Operating temperature Temperature: 5 – 32 °C
Relative humidity≤85%

Total 7 test cartridges, at most 10 parameters conveniently on one

Item Test Parameters
3 Blood Gas Test (BG3) pH、pO2、pCO2
4 Electrolyte Test (BE4) K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+
5 Electrolyte Test (BE5) pH、K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+
7 Blood Gas & Electrolyte Test (BG7) pH、pO2、pCO2、K+、Na+、Ca2+、Cl-
8 Blood Gas & Electrolyte Test (BG8) pH、pO2、pCO2、K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Hct
10 Blood Gas & Electrolyte Test (BG10) pH、pO2、pCO2、K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Hct、Glu、Lac

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