Vet Chemistry Reagent Discs

Seamaty veterinay reagent disc adopts microfluidic technology. It contains optical and mechanical components, which can be used with the instrument to participate in each stage of blood analysis. The disc makes it possible to complete a series of operations in a small reagent tray, such as blood sampling, separation, dilution, reaction, and detection.

To achieve miniaturization and automation on the small reagent panel


Precise freeze-dried beads to ensure the proper sample to chemistry ratio


Up to 23 chemistry tests at one panel with total 18 complete panels

18 Profiles

Features & Benefits


13 Comprehensive Diagnostic Parameters K+, Na, ALT, ALB, ALP, AMY, TB, GLU, CHE, Crea, TP, UA, BUN, GLOB*
13 Health Check Parameters ALT,ALB, AST, AMY, Ca, Crea, GLU, TB, CK,TG,BUN, PHOS, TP, GLOB*
10 Primary Diagnostic ALB, A/G, ALP, ALT, Crea, GLOB, GLU, TP, B/C, BUN
9 Liver Function Parameters ALT, AST, ALB, ALP, TBA, TBIL, GGT, TC, TP
8 Kidney Function Parameters Ca, PHOS, tCO2, ALB, GLU, BUN, Crea,UA
7 Electrolyte Parameters K, Na, Cl, Ca, tCO2, Mg, PHOS
9 Pre-operation Test Parameters ALT, ALP, AST, GLU, BUN, Crea, TP,LDH, CK
5 Canine Inflammation AMY, Crea, LPS, BUN, CRP
8 Feline Inflammation LPS, GGT, f-SAA, ALP, BUN, ALB, TBA, Crea, B/C*
4 Coagulation Parameters PT, APTT, TT, FIB
11 Reptilian or Exotric Animals ALB, AST, Ca, CK, GLU, K+, Na+, PHOS, TBA, TP, UA
23 Comprehensive Test ALB, Crea, BUN, LPS, AMY, LDH, AST, TP, TB, Ca, CK, TC, GGT, TG, PHOS, GLU, TBA, ALP, ALT, GLOB*, A/G*, B/C*, tCO2
9 Electrolyte Plus Parameters PHOS, Cl-, Na+, pH, K+, tCO2, LAC, Mg, Ga
9 Diabetes Test Parameters ALT, AST, GLU, TG, TC, LAC, FRU, AMY, LPS

37 Catalyst Tests

Seamaty veterinary biochemistry profiles have 37 parameters in total, providing 14 test profiles, allowing maximum 23 parameters in a single test.

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