SMT-120 Chemistry Analyzer

SMT-120 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer integrates the analysis of liver function, kidney function, electrolytes, myocardium, pancreas, glycolipids, blood lipids in one analyzer. It can be applied in community, emergency treatment and field rescue. Utilizing cloud computing, SMT-120 can help the operators to make medical decisions quickly.

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Order code: A00120000EN0
Sample value: 90-120 ul
Barcode: QR code
Testing time: 12 minutes / sample
Temperature: 37℃±0.3℃
Resolution: 0.001Abs
Absorbance: 0-3.0Abs
Sample type: Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum, plasma
QC & Calibrate: IQC intelligent QC
Work condition: Temperature: 10-30℃  Humidity: < 30%-70%
Testing principle: Absorption spectroscopy. transmission turbidimetry
Testing method: End point, kinetic, fixed time, turbidmetry etc
Light source: 12V/20W, halogen lamp, lifespan is over 2500 hours
Power supply: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power: Max. 105W
Display: 7.0 inch touch screen
Storage: 500000 results
Printer: Built-in thermal printer
Connectors: 2 USB ports, 1 Lan port
Dimension (L*W*H): 19*21*22 cm
Weight: 4 Kg

Regent Discs

The reagent discs contain lyophilized reagent beads and diluent, individual channel, less cross contamination. Multi-combination of testing parameters, more choices.

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