Subsidiaries in South America | Management

Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializes in the research & development, production and sales of IVD diagnostic equipment and reagents, providing biochemistry, coagulation, immunoassay, blood gas electrolyte, PCR and other testing solutions for hospital emergency, primary care and pet care. Among them, pet care sector performance is particularly great, and the domestic market coverage has exceeded 40% till now. At present, to further expand the overseas market, we plan to set up subsidiaries and sales team in South America, such as Mexico, Brazil and other places, sincerely recruit the Administrtive Manager in those countries or regions.

  • Hours: Full Time
  • Experience: Mid-level
  • Origin: South America such as Mexico, Brazil etc.

The main requirements are below:
1. Have work or study experience in local country.
2. Good at Chinese and local language.
3. Accepting long-term work at above countries.
4. Have strong organizational and management skills.
5. Knowledge of relevant local regulations, experience in medical device sales.
6. With passports of the local country or long-term work visas are preferred.



We are happy to receiving your complete written application by E-mail to OR you could apply online.